Gastric Botox in the Treatment of Obesity

In recent years, the population of overweight and obese people has been increasing. Worldwide, 30 percent of people are obese, and the incidence in women is slightly higher than in men. Let’s get through this process together.

Obese Population is Increasing!

In recent years, the population of overweight and obese people is increasing significantly. Almost 30% of people in the world are obese or overweight.  Incidence rates in women  consistently is higher than men. The main cause of obesity is eating too much and moving too little. While countries around the world are working to prevent obesity and develop new policies to change diet and exercise habits of people, numbers are getting worse.

Obesity is not only a physical problem, people also facing some fatal diseases such as diabetes, heart and hypertension problems, high cholesterol levels, joint problems, respiratory system disorders and sleep apnea.

The main treatment of obesity consists of weight loss via dieting and physical exercise. Unfortunately, studies demonstrate that only 3 percent of patients benefit from diet and exercise. People who cannot lose weight by their efforts and meeting criterias should guide to surgical procedures. Tube stomach and gastric bypass are the most recommended bariatric surgeries.

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Patients Not Suitable for Surgery

Gastric Botox is a non surgical method, especially recommended for people who have small amount of excess weight. Botox, etemporarily paralyzes stomach nerves and muscles for 4 to 6 months, reducing appetite and keeping nutrients in the stomach for longer.

The most common areas for the use of botox are the frown lines between the eyes, the furrows of the forehead, the crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes, and creases in the neck. Botulinum toxin use is rapidly expanding to the treatment of obesity in recent years.

How Is Stomach Botox Made?

Injection of botulinum A toxin (Btx-A) into the stomach endoscopically, the pumping part of the stomach works slowly. The passage of food in the stomach to the small intestine slows down and the person feels full for a longer time. Patients also consume less food.

A study shows that after one year (during which the patients received two injections), 70 percent of the patients had lost weight; on average, they lost 17 percent of their excess body weight. After 18 months, when the patients had received three injections, 75 percent of the patients had lost weight; they lost 28 percent of their excess body weight, on average.

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It has been observed that ghrelin hormone secretion and hunger sensation are decreased in some patients. The procedure may rarely have side effects such as circulatory disorders in the stomach wall. The effect can vary from one person to another. Although more studies are required, Gastric Botox, may work in people who cannot go under the surgery.

The procedure is performed by endoscopic method and the patient is sedated under conscious sedation so that she does not feel pain.

Requirements for Gastric Botox Application

  • It is a method which aims to lose 10-15 kg in 3-6 month period of time.
  • BMI should be between 27.5-40.
  • It should be combined with diet and exercise programs.
  • Not suitable for morbidly obese patients.
  • It is not an alternative of surgical operation.

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