Maybe, it is not just gas!

Are you one of those who wake up with a flat stomach in the morning and go to bed with a swollen belly at night? If your answer is ‘Yes’ and this has been going on for a while, you should be treated.

Bloating, which is one of the common problem among people, is generally considered as a temporary situation and neglected.  Although we often fudge the issue as gas, there may be other serious problems underneath.

Abdominal swelling is more often caused by three reasons; psychological problems, food that we consume and stomach diseases. Frequent bloating should be examined in detail by a doctor. Simple complaints could refer to gastritis, ulcer, cancer and colitis.

Bloating affects both women and men equally. Even the air swallowed during the day can cause bloating. There is also a serious relationship between bloading and eating habits.

Consuming too much coffee and dark tea, fried and spicy foods, acidic beverages are the risk factors for bloating.

Bloating and flatulence are different complaints. Gas usually occurs after meals especially after eating particular foods as onion, lentil, chickpeas and tahini.


How to avoid bloating?

  • Try to avoid stress. Exercise is a way of reducing stres levels.
  • Listen to your body to find out which foods are causing bloating,

In case of increased complaints, please contact your doctor.

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